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From: Ewen Chia

Subject: Your Commission Money Machine...


Dear Friend,


It’s hard, isn’t it?


I mean, the whole “make money online” game.


For quite a long time you’ve been looking for that magic bullet a proven money-making system that could finally allow you to quit your 9-5 job and live the Internet lifestyle…


…but if you’re reading this, then it means that until now, you didn’t find it.


I’m sure that you have your fair share of DVDs, courses, PDFs and videos about Internet Marketing, and you spent good money on them – but they’re clearly not helping you to make money.


Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.


But what if I told you that your search for a true and tested, money-spitting strategy is finally over?


Would you still exit this page, go back to your 9-5 job and not at least give this a try?


Listen, believe it or not…



I know that you’re more than tired of hearing bold claims and empty promises from shady people who only want to take your money and run away.


It’s clear that you have had enough of this.


But today I can promise you that if you keep reading, you will find a few surprises that are going to positively affect your overall life…


…And once I let you know the secrets behind the profitable and easy-to-implement system I have prepared for you, money won’t be a problem for you ever again.


And this is no exaggeration it can truly happen if you stick here with me and pay close attention to what I have to say to you.


But first, before we get into the juicy details, here’s some advice…



Listen, there’s something that clearly is not working for you.


You’re not making the kind of money that will make a difference in your life. And although it’s not your fault, there are a few things that you need to stop doing in order to head toward the path of success.


My first suggestion is that you STOP buying course after course after course.


Stop believing the lies of many unscrupulous marketers who only want to have you on their list so they can spam you to death with new promotions every day.


It’s just about time to end this nonsense.


You see, many of the charlatans and dream peddlers who offer you “instant riches” and “do nothing and make money” schemes are usually not being honest.


You can smell that from miles away.


Look, it’s time to open yourself up to a true, legitimate and exciting opportunity to ditch all of that nonsense and finally start collecting commissions like crazy.



As I told you before, making money IS difficult if you constantly keep trying different techniques and methods too often.


But once you have a solid plan in place, you stick to it and you execute it perfectly. It won’t take too long to see your first commissions rolling wildly into your account.


Now, I know that a solid plan can take a lifetime to develop through trial and error.


Way too many hours in front of your computer trying things out, and too much frustration to bear.


How do I know this?


Because before I stumbled upon the revolutionary breakthrough you’re about to discover, I did work terribly hard and experienced more failures that I can count – and many nights I saw the dawn coming through the window.


But the good news for you is that you don’t have to go through all that.


You don’t have to run in circles to find that “magic bullet.”


In fact, you won’t have to do your own painstaking research and slave away in front of your computer monitor to find the “holy grail of Internet Marketing” – ever.


There’s no need for that!




I accidentally discovered my commission system that works simply and can be used by almost anyone in order to start generating commissions on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT, that will pile up in your e-mail account in the form of “Notifications of payment received”!


Have a look at this…



Those e-mails literally changed my life, and now they’re about to change yours for good.



My name is Ewen Chia (that's me on the right with my friend, Donald Trump) and if you’ve never heard of me, I'll briefly introduce myself.

I'll share with you how I can truly help you to make real money online, and live the Internet lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

First, I’m the #1 international bestselling author of the print book, “How I Made My First Million Online And How You Can Too!”, which was featured on Amazon and held the main bestseller number one spot for weeks...


I’ve been heavily involved in the Internet Marketing industry since 1997 and I can tell you…


I will never forget the feeling when I made my first commission – I was literally glued to the monitor in awe!


Look, when it comes to making money online I truly know WHAT works and WHAT doesn’t.


I’ve made MILLIONS online, and if I’m in this position it’s because I truly understand the strategies, methods and systems that you need to apply in order to make money online.


Now, here’s some proof of the checks I receive automatically every month…

Pretty amazing?


Let me ask you…


Would you like to have checks like this mailed each and every week to your mailbox?


Would this type of money dramatically change your life for the better?


Chances are that you answered these questions with a big and resounding YES! right?


Quite frankly, that’s the attitude I like to see in you because I’m truly looking for people who are passionate, ambitious and willing to finally break the chains of their 9-5 job.



I want to make something very clear…


I’m really sorry, but if you believe in instant riches, “push-button” software and if you’re constantly dreaming about making money – and you’re not willing to take action….


Then this is clearly NOT for you.


You can simply click away and get back to whatever you were doing.


Still here?


That’s great, because if you truly want to achieve Internet Marketing success and start generating life-changing commissions starting TODAY, that’s precisely what you’re going to achieve.


My “commission system” is highly effective, and once you start using it you will see results in record time…


Have a look at what you can achieve with my effective system…


·         Endless commissions!

·         The freedom to work WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want.

·         Massive amounts of money in your account.

·         Financial security

·         Travel more and spend more time with your family.

·         Fire your boss and ditch your dead-end 9-5 job.

·         And much, much more!


I know that if you could just achieve what you’ve read above, you will be MORE than happy...


That’s a good thing, because it clearly shows that if you’re still reading this, you’re highly committed to ending the rat race and making serious MONEY.


Let me proudly introduce you to…


Fire Up The Machine. Make Commissions!

Commission Money Machine” is a breakthrough system that will allow you to literally make a killing with affiliate marketing, and finally start generating lifetime commissions so easily, that you’ll think it’s illegal. (But it’s not.)


Unlike other systems out there, “Commission Money Machine” is proven to produce predictable results over and over again – like clockwork.


It’s as easy as implementing this easy-to-understand, powerful system and you’ll soon be generating those juicy and life-changing commissions over and over again.


This is what you’re about to discover…


·       A detailed introduction to the commission system and how you can start using it right away – trust me, this secret and effective commission system will blow your mind!


·       How to set up your “money machines” that earn you endless sales (over and over again on complete autopilot ) – In this section of the program you will learn how to “fire up the machine” and let it relentlessly work for you 24/7.


·        Easiest way to choose red-hot, in-demand products in order to “fuel” the money-making machines that will earn you thousands of dollars per WEEK – If you select the right product, and promote it to the right audience, you will need little else to make a killing online!


·       How to establish a profitable relationship with your target market so they pull out their credit cards and give money to you right away – If they like you and trust you…they WILL buy from you.


·       The fastest way to create an online presence and start making sales right away – you need an online presence so you can get noticed, and that’s precisely what I’m going to show you how to do (step-by-step).


·       How to churn out commission-sucking websites that will attract customers like bees to honey, so that you can start making good money as soon as possible – You will discover the SIMPLEST way to create money-magnet websites that will produce cold hard cash for you FAST...even if you're a complete beginner!


·       How you can get NO-COST traffic and drive an avalanche of targeted traffic straight to your websites, and literally melt your server – Traffic is the most important thing when it comes to Internet Marketing and in this section, all my traffic secrets are revealed to you!


·       How to drive even MORE targeted traffic that will produce sales for you with cheap and cost-effective paid traffic ninja techniques – I spill the beans and reveal my personal ninja techniques for driving paid traffic that won’t cost you an arm and a leg…and that will mostly produce BUYERS.


·       How to create a constant stream of sales with these effective and proven money-making strategies. Remember, these strategies are time-tested and I’m using them every single day!


·       Secret blueprint that will allow you to sell to compulsive buyers who will wave dollar bills in excitement – ready to buy products YOU promote!


·       Copy and paste websites just for you – in this spectacular section, you will get something incredible: copy-paste websites that you simply plug in to see massive money flowing into your account!


·       Automation on overdrive – How to automate your new business so that you can enjoy a hands-free income for years to come. You will learn my secret techniques that will allow you to automate everything…because time is money!


·       And much, much more!


As you can see, this is a complete program with easy video training and secret, no-fluff guide for quick reference.


I made sure to carefully document everything in a no-frills manner, avoiding obscure terms and Internet Marketing terminology that might sound complicated to you.


What’s more, all the life-changing information that you’re about to discover is covered in a step-by-step manner...


Simply put, I'll take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know in order to start making real commissions TODAY!



Listen, I'll be honest with you - "Commission Money Machine" is a FULL-BLOWN and complete step-by-step program that reveals the secrets to making easy money on autopilot for a lifetime...


I could realistically charge $97.00 and people will still see the value in it and the results it will bring them.


However, my personal goal is to get this into the hands of everyone who needs to make money online so I can help them.


I understand though that not everyone will have $97.00 to invest now, even if they want to.


Therefore for the next few days, I'm going to make you an IRRESISTIBLE offer as I really want to help you out.


This is a tiny investment that everyone will be able to afford to improve their lives and financial well-being so...


Act Now And Everything Is Yours For A One-Time Measly Investment Of Just...






(This special offer will NEVER be repeated again)


Yes you read that right, this is not a joke. But remember, it's for the next few days only before I change the price. I think this is a very fair deal...




Real Results 100% Guaranteed - Secure Payments By Clickbank Processor -

Outstanding Customer Support - 60 Days Honest Money-Back Guarantee.


You simply don’t have any more excuses for not starting to make money online – and generate commissions that until now you’ve only been dreaming of.


It’s simple.


I reveal every secret, technique and method that will help you put into action the “Commission Money Machine a machine that will produce money for you on complete autopilot!


It doesn’t matter if you don’t know jack about Affiliate Marketing or you’re already making some money – I promise you that once you get immediate access to the members’ area you’ll be ASTONISHED at the training you will find.



Look, you don’t have to struggle any more...


Neither do you've to waste your hard-earned money on useless products cleverly designed to rip you off.


I’m handing you a silver platter, a system that once put into action can deliver predictable and round-the-clock results.


Results that translate into cash deposited into your account like this...



And what’s more, this cash will come automatically for you – thanks to the Commission Money Machines that you’ll be easily setting up.


It took me a long time to develop the profit-spouting techniques you’re about to learn. You only have to fire up the machines and they will do their magic for you…


Then you can truly enjoy things in life that truly matter, like spending more time with your loved ones (remember, life’s too short), travelling, or simply sleeping the whole day like a baby!


This can be a reality for you if you’re smart enough to understand that this opportunity can appear just once in your life…


…and if you let it go, you will certainly regret it later.



Listen to me: perhaps you’ve had enough empty promises, and you feel that this might be really good – but are afraid to take action.


It’s all good, I completely understand you.


You’ve been misled and lied to more times than you’d like to admit.


But today I’m about to change that for you and restore your “faith” in Internet Marketing again.


Here’s the deal…


Just go ahead and get immediate access to the members’ area and put my teachings into action.




If in 60 days you’re not able to turn a profit (very unlikely), then all you have to do is let me know – I will refund your money and we’ll part ways happily.


No questions, bad faces or hard feelings.


You either make commissions, or you get your money back.


There’s simply nothing to lose.



You Get Instant Access To...


The “Commission Money Machine” step-by-step program with easy videos and secret guide (over 13 HD videos and 56 pages that are worth gold).

Get "Commission Money Machine" Immediately



Get It Now For Just $97.00 $67.00 $47.00 *$27* ONE-TIME!


Real Results 100% Guaranteed - Secure Payments By Clickbank Processor -

Outstanding Customer Support - 60 Days Honest Money-Back Guarantee.

I believe the choice is clear – YOU need this to finally make money online.


Remember that this breakthrough program was created by a multimillionaire – not some newbie amateur trying to throw a poor-quality product in order to make a few bucks here and there.


Here’s a fair warning…


Remember, I simply can’t guarantee that tomorrow you’ll be able to access this life-changing product at the tiny investment you're getting now. The price will increase soon.


Act now to avoid disappointment in the future.


You know that this IS the definitive course you’ve been waiting for.


“Commission Money Machine” can help you to lead the internet lifestyle that you've always wanted...


*Without* annoying bosses telling you what to do.


*Without* money being a problem at all.


*Without* limits


Let me ask you one last question…


How much is YOUR freedom worth?


Probably MUCH more than the measly price you're investing today right?


What are you waiting for...


Go ahead and secure your copy of “Commission Money Machine” now.


With my system, you will make commissions. That’s a promise...

Click Here Now For Instant Access!


Thanks for reading.


To your success!



PS. Think about this…what do you have to lose? I made this deal 100% risk-free and if you’re not completely jazzed and satisfied I will gladly return your money.


Think about all those commissions you’re about to make, click here to start NOW...












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